Saving Energy

There are countless things you can do to save energy. Steps can be as simple as turning lights off when not in use to installing solar panels on your home. When was the last time you cleaned your dryer vent? Have you swapped out your bulbs for LED’s? These are just a couple of things you can do to cut down on energy use. We encourage you to visit our Energy Center for help in finding 5 things you can do to save. The Energy Center will even keep your list for you so you can remember the smart choices you hope to take. Got your list? Give yourself a High 5 for saving!


So many of the steps we take to save energy actually save us money, too. You can’t beat that. Not only can you save money by using less energy, but you can receive rebates and monetary incentives for some of the actions you take. Our handy Energy Center includes details about all rebates and incentives currently available.

The City of Bellingham is one of 50 finalists competing for the Georgetown University Energy Prize. A $5 million prize will be awarded to the city that saves the most energy in 2015/2016 over baseline measures that were taken in 2013/2014. Besides energy savings, the prize will also be dependent upon four other categories including replicability, innovation, inclusiveness, and the potential long term sustainability of the project.

If Bellingham wins, the prize money will be used for future energy saving projects that will benefit the whole community.

The application to compete in the prize was a joint effort of all partners. For application details visit the City of Bellingham’s website. To see all of the communities competing and for more details visit

By reducing the amount of energy we use, we curb the amount of carbon emissions that enter our atmosphere. By curbing carbon emissions, our air and water are cleaner, we reduce global warming which is better for the functioning of the planet, and make a positive impact for our overall good health. Let’s pitch in and show our community and planet some love.