10 Ways to Save When its Cold Out!


Oh the weather outside is frightful…or at least the temperatures are! To keep utility costs down while staying cozy, consider trying some of the tips below:

  1. Let the sun in! When it’s clear and cold, open up curtains on south-facing windows to bring free heat into your home. Make sure to close your windows as the sun goes down though, and keep that heat trapped inside.
  2. Use ceiling fans to your advantage. These guys are great during the summer, but when you set them to run counter clockwise on low, they will gently push hot air back down and keep the rooms cozy.
  3. Sleep cool. Right before climbing into bed turn the thermostat down 10-15 degrees, your flannel sheets and good comforter will keep things toasty while you sleep. Also, many health care practitioners claim sleeping in cool rooms is better for you!
  4. Only heat the rooms you use. That one is pretty simple.
  5. Keep your furnace clean and unblocked. Check out our November tip of the month! Just making sure your furnace’s air filter is clean can save you lots of energy and mullah in the long run.
  6. Get a humidifier to add moisture to the air. With these low temps, the air can become very dry. Moist air feels warmer and holds heat better so you can actually set your thermostat at a lower temperature and still feel super comfortable.
  7. Invest in insulation. The easiest way to start this process is to work on weatherizing your home (our October tip series). There are lots of easy ways to start, but if you want to achieve some deep energy savings and invest in a home that holds the right amount of heat year round, you can contact the Community Energy Challenge for a full home audit, contractor recommendations, and incentive information.
  8. Decorate with LED lights! They use a million times less energy, well maybe not that much, but almost. They are incredibly efficient.
  9. Use exhaust fans only when you really need to. Like a “I’ve just burnt my bacon and I can’t see how to get to the stove” situation. Otherwise, using fans in the kitchen and bathroom pull the hot air that rises in your home or apartment outside…where it disappears.
  10. Bundle up. Everyone knows this one, but maybe for all the hard work you’ve done to save energy, you can reward yourself with that super cool down jacket from Patagonia you’ve been eying since fall rolled in.

These wonderful tips were sourced from U.S. News and contributor Niccole Schreck. 

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