5 Things One Bellingham Family is Doing to Save Energy!



As part of the Bellingham Energy Prize, and creating a unique energy savings plan for your home, we’ve asked everyone to pick 5 things you can do to save energy at home. We’ve heard lots of feedback from you about the things you’ve chosen to do, everything from taking shorter showers to insulating their attic.

Today we wanted to share what one superstar family is doing to save energy! These guys happen to be local energy legends but their 5 energy savings actions are things everyone can do. They love enjoying the simple things in life and didn’t want to make showers too short or cut down cooking big delicious meals so they chose measures that worked for them, we encourage you to do the same!

5 Things Jeff & Annie are Doing to Save Energy: 

  1. They use dimmers on all their light fixtures
  2. They air dry laundry whenever possible – especially in the summer!
  3. All electronics are on switchable power strips and turned off when not in use
  4. They keep the thermostat set to 68 degrees
  5. Most bulbs have been switched out to LED lights

In conjunction with some big home energy efficiency projects (and solar) they save A TON of energy – so much that they don’t have a power bill. Ah, wouldn’t that be amazing! Although some of us can’t install solar or undertake large efficiency projects we can all choose to change some behaviors or take smaller measures to save energy. We’d love to hear what you are doing to save energy, what are your top 5 energy savings techniques?

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