Finish home weatherizing, the final installment!


More weatherization, you gotta be kitten me! We just want to make sure to cover all the weatherization basics, remember it can be the biggest and best way to save energy and money while its chilly out. We hope the last few blog posts have gotten you jazzed about all the potential energy saving you can do this winter – here are our last few tips:

  1. Make sure you’ve got water heater tank covers! By covering your tank with a water heater blanket or old packing blanket you could reduce heat loss by 25%
  2. Add attic door insulation: most attic doors aren’t designed to be air tight and can cause a lot of energy loss, even the tiniest gap around the attic door (as small as 1/32 an inch) is like leaving a 5″ square opening all year long! Get creative about weatherizing this door and think about attic insulation. Up to 40% of energy savings can come from insulating your attic. To talk to third-party home energy savings experts about possible rebates and programs, who the best contractors are and more, contact the Community Energy Challenge.
  3. Seal switches and outlets: 2 to 5 percent of air infiltration comes from outlets on outside walls! Head outside and seal switches and outlets on all exterior walls to prevent heat loss and drafts. Buy some foam outlets and switch covers and a few tubes of caulk. Remove outlet covers and run a thin bead of caulk where the box meets the drywall, apply the foam cover so it connects with the caulk. Viola! You’re done.

We hope this winter is warm and cozy and full of energy savings!  To make your own special energy savings plan that is unique to your home or apartment (and be entered to win an amazing commuter bike) head over to the Bellingham Energy Prize Energy Center.

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