“I love Kilowatt Kitty and see her everywhere! But what exactly can I do?”




Kilowatt Kitty can be spotted all around town; from yard signs to banners, posters to post cards – her face keeps popping up everywhere! You can even meet and greet, and take a picture with her at one of the many Happy Hours of Power happening throughout July.

If you’re a friend of kW Kitty or want to support Bellingham Energy Prize, the most important thing you can do is to visit the Energy Center at BellinghamEnergyPrize.org and sign up! It only takes five minutes to create your account, and it helps us show Georgetown University that Bellingham is an active and engaged community that is working hard to save energy.

In addition, when you create an account you’ll be given energy saving tips and tricks that are tailored to your specific living situation, and a wealth of information and resources about how to cut those utility bills and help Bellingham win the $5 million.

So if you’ve got five minutes, head on over and sign up today!

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