Win a Bike from Kulshan Cycles!

win-a-bike blog picKilowatt Kitty wants to give you some pedal power! To keep everyone’s energy up for the last few months of the competition, she is giving everyone who has signed up and created their own energy savings plan through the Energy Center a chance to win a seriously sweet bike from Kulshan Cycles.

Anyone who has signed up is automatically entered to win a Trek Crossrip Comp – the perfect commuter bike. It’s super versatile and safe, with rack and fender mounts, all weather disc-brakes, and a light Alpha Aluminum frame. And, Kulshan will make sure the Crossrip you get is a perfect fit for your size. Saving energy is important at home and on the road!

The deadline to sign up for the drawing is November 1st –  So sign up, or encourage friends and family to sign up…right meow!

P.S. If you already signed up earlier this year, you’re automatically entered into the drawing.

8 responses to “Win a Bike from Kulshan Cycles!”

  1. Alma Mcmurtry says:

    Cool bike

  2. Matt Buckmaster says:

    Here’s to sharing the road!

  3. Baron Humbert von Gikkingen says:

    Well, I clicked on all the links above,but none of them led to any place where I could “sign up” to win the bicycle. When you say ‘sign up’, do you actually mean, “go to , create an account and ‘sign in'”?


    Sincerely, The Baron
    (never comfortable with vague instructions)

    • Diana Meeks says:

      Hi! Thanks for letting us know, we would love to help! So what we mean by sign up is to go to the energy center at and click the start now button. You can learn how to save energy in your home and see what your month to month utility uses are. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

  4. Matt Bartley says:


  5. james Trowbridge says:

    great bike. thanks

  6. Ralph Hutcheson says:

    Great bike !!!

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